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- Combining ancient indigenous medicines and massage techniques with aromatherapy and herbalist principals.  

All treatments utilise potent Australian flora, earth, sea minerals and plants which will positively enrich, nourish, cleanse, protect & pamper.

Li'tya is a unique range of natural spa care treatments that integrate the precious qualities of the Australian earth and spirit.

The Dreaming

The unseen vibration of creation

The Aboriginal people of Australia hold
the sacred knowledge  of the dreamtime.

Jiva  - seed power

The essence of creation is held within the seed.  The seed carries the emerging world -  each seed carries the potential of creative perfection. In the dreaming, before realization comes the vibration - the manifestation is, equal to the potency within. The dreaming holds the seed and infinite numbers of seed are veiled within the mother earth. The fruition of the, dreaming/seed is determined by the unseen vibration of all that is around it - past, present and future.

Everything that occurs imparts a vibration upon the earth. Every dream, footprint, each gust of wind, all plants, shrubs, animals that have lived, died and are yet, to live in this place, are its physical and metaphysical creators. This is the dreaming of the world -the infinite potential, beginnings and cycles - the consciousness of the seed, the essence of creation. 

The Aboriginal people live in harmony with this understanding. They live and walk according to these natural laws, knowing their dreams and footprints continue the creation of the world. Mindful of their responsibilities, they view their lives here as custodians - to take care
of the physical and spiritual dimensions of this earth.

The Aboriginal people tread lightly upon the earth, with the greatest of respect, as each step resounds its vibrations across eternity.