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(translation: ‘melody’)
Rhythmic and balancing full body massage inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal massage; tone and
re-align energy flow, re-harmonise the mind and rejuvenate the body.
Using pressure points & stretching techniques, choose from any of our three massage oil blends made with Australian essential oils.
60 mins  $110     90 mins  $150

Towilla Kuri
(translation: ‘spirit circle’)
A tailor made massage especially designed for your mind state and well being.  After a thorough consultation,
your therapist will design a massage treatment to
best suit your needs for total regeneration.
  30 mins  $70    60 mins  $110    90 mins  $150


(translation: ‘face’)
Designed to refresh, revitalise and regenerate.
Native ingredients and pure botanicals enliven the skin and relax the mind.
30 mins $70

(translation: ‘deep’)
A deep purification treatment to nourish the skin whilst eliminating toxins. We combine facial pressure points
& nourishing scalp massage with Quandong Hair Mask
to create a satisfying regenerating treatment for
your mind, body and soul.
60 mins  $110

Option 1
60 minute Kodo & 60 minute Mikiri

Option 2
60 minute Kodo & 30 minute Mirri



(translation: ‘beautiful’)
Beautifully nourishing extremities treatment to
rebalance the whole body. Blending the Miji Jina Foot,
Miji Polama Hand, and Mirri Facial treatments
together with the Paudi Scalp Massage.
A journey to total relaxation & sheer delight.
90 mins  $190

Miji Jina
(translation: ‘little footprint’)
A revitalising treat for the feet.
Enjoy a warm foot soak filled with native berries and
bush fruits with the aroma of native essential oils and exfoliating desert salts.
A stimulating foot mask will help ease tension from busy, tired feet, followed by a soothing foot massage.
30 mins $70

(translation: ‘head’)
Float away to another dimension when you surrender to traditional Aboriginal head massage techniques.  Incorporating a pressure point face, neck, shoulder and scalp massage with herbal Quandong Hair Mask to condition, reactivate & nourish the scalp & hair.
30 mins $70


Mala Mayi
(translation: ‘clan food’)
Be totally renewed with this full body rejuvenation experience. Cleanse & energise with a desert salt exfoliation, then calm & nurture the spirit cocooned in warm Mapi mud as you relax with a Paudi Scalp Massage.
Follow all with our exquisite ‘rain therapy’ cleansing the body & mind; the rhythm of the Kodo massage rebuilds your being.
  120 minutes  $250

Mala Mapi
Cleanse & energise with a desert salt exfoliation,
then calm & revitalise the spirit cocooned in warm
Mapi mud whilst you relax with a Paudi Scalp Massage.
Follow with our exquisite 'rain therapy'.
60 minutes  $150

The Dreaming

(translation: ‘The unseen vibration of creation’)

Surrender yourself to the ultimate spa experience said to evoke the potent forces of the earth upon the giver & receiver. A vibration designed to reconnect the mind, body & soul. The Dreaming combines deeply therapeutic treatments with a healing approach.
The adventure begins with a Jina foot treatment followed by the salt exfoliation & mud wrap, hair mask and scalp massage, Vichy rain therapy, Kodo massage, Poloma hand treatment & finishing with the Mirri facial.
You will experience the power of total renewal from head to toe whilst embracing ancient Aboriginal techniques. Celebrate your energy - emotions & soul refreshed.
3 hours $375


(translation: ‘song of running water’)
Immerse yourself in the magical sensation of falling waters, with an energizing desert salt exfoliation & pulsating Vichy shower.
Invigorating techniques stimulate the body & restore vitality & energy to the spirit.
30 minutes $80